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"Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together."
-John Ruskin

Claudia "Claudia"

Mixed media on canvas

24" x 36"

The Window to Her Past "The Window to Her Past"

Mixed media on mat board and masonite

20" x 22"

A Boy and His Dog "A Boy and His Dog"

Designer's Gouache on bristol board

16" x 16"

Double Feng Shui "Double Feng Shui"

Mixed media on stretched canvas

48" x 60"

Makeup Illustration "Makeup Illustration"

Prismacolor and pencil on mat board

14" x 19"

Brown Eye "Brown Eye"

Prismacolor on bristol

4" x 6"

Jimmy T Logo "Jimmy T's"

Design Art Markers

Piano and Martini Bar Logo

FM Workspace "FM Workspace"

Computer generated

Corporate Identity

CI Logo "Contract Interiors"

Computer generated

Marble Floor and Coaster Design

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